We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical powder formula.

Our Capabilities

Custom Nutraceutical Powder Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical powder formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term powder manufacturing success.

  • The secret to manufacturing an outstanding powder supplement is two-part: your product must taste delicious and have nutritionally superior supplement facts.
  • Our flavor experts understand how the ingredients within your powder formula affect taste and can recommend a blend of enhancements that will improve the overall flavor of your product. While our deep flavor portfolio includes widely accepted vanilla, chocolate & strawberry, we encourage all clients to consider the path of custom powder flavoring because the masking selections are 100% customized to your formula.

What next?

Powder Manufacturing Options

Once your product formula is determined, we can start making flavor and sweetener selections. These additives come in natural and artificial varieties. If you decide to design a custom flavor, our flavor experts will compose a flavor composition with specific taste modifiers for your formula. Supplement brands that wish to avoid additives in their product can simply opt to exclude them. The color of the powder can also be enhanced with natural and artificial coloring as well.

Natural + ArtificialNatural + ArtificialNone

This chart represents our most popular powder manufacturing options, please call (+48) 577 004 951 if there’s a specific manufacturing option that interests you.

Service Overview

We can help you get any kind of powder formula made. Getting the right team to do this is vital to success and we are more then qualified to help you efficiently and quickly for the best overall product. As your powder manufacturer, you will be more than pleased with the results.

Options For Everyone

Powder supplements can be made to the specific needs of many people. Powder supplements can be made to be:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Soy-based
  • Whey-based
  • Pea-based
  • Etc.

When specifically talking about protein powder, plant-based protein powder is typically a long-acting source of energy. What this means is for people who are dieting, they will get more energy from less food, therefore, allowing you to consume fewer calories without running out of energy. In terms of manufacturing your own plant-based protein powders, you can go with a single type of plant protein, or you can mix them.

The options are dependent on the kind of powder supplement you are formulating. This wide arrangement of options is what makes powder supplements so good and a mainstay in the industry.

Examples of powders we make:

  • Proteins
  • Creatines
  • Amino Acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Pre-Workouts
  • Joint Support
  • Electrolyte blends
  • Gainers

Manufacturing Powder Walk-in Process

Understanding customer needs

At the beginning, we try to meet the customer’s needs by matching the right raw material and formulas to meet their expectations in 100%.

Getting Started

We prepare recipes according to the guidelines (taste, density, color, solubility, aroma) and taste tests for the customer. We implement improvement to full satisfaction.

Final Step

Selection of packaging and design preparation. Development of details (location of expiry date, ink color, etc.). Start of production with full documentation.

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